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Announcements – Updated 1th August 2022

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Road works – Wandsworth Council has advised of road works closing parts of Church Lane between Chertsey Street and the roundabout from Tuesday 9 August to Monday 15 August 2022 between 8 am and 5 pm. Traffic may be diverted and you may need to ask site staff for access to the Estate.

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Electrical upgrade – Following Section 20 consultation, upgrade of the flat communal area landlord electrical installatons will be started as soon as possible and completed out as soon as fitting availability and reserve funds allow. These also supply Estate street and security lights. This will reduce electricity use considerably and limit the impact of huge price increases.

Newsletter – The June Newsletter is now available, with articles on the budget, reducing future costs, wooden flat windows, periodic work, tree work, maintenance and the flats key system.

Budget – The budget for 2022-23 (PDF, 69kb) has been sent to owners showing where funds are spent. Collection of reserves has changed now periodic work is split into smaller work packeges to reduce costs, flats charges decrease slightly while house charges must increase after previous reductions because of greatly increased Estate costs.

Announcements are also available on TweetTwitter @stben_tooting in summary and on the St Benedicts announcements RSS feed.
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Keep safe – The Mananagement Company recommends that you continue to follow Government advice although no longer required by law to reduce the risk to yourselves and other people. It is advisable to socially distance (2 metres if possible), avoid unnecessary contact outside your family and usual social group, wear masks in crowded places (like public transport), take and use hand sanitiser and wash your hands thoroughly on return home. You should isolate for 5 days if you have Covid symptoms. More information can be found on the emergency page, updated on 26th April 2022.

Parking permit holder – Request a permit holder to be delivered to your letterbox by completing this online application.

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Maintenance – The maintenance page was updated on 28th July 2022 with work completed, ordered and planned. The major work page was updated on 28th July 2022 now the electrical upgrade is being ordered. Re-decoration of flat oriels, flat windows and the Estate cupola is complete. Progress on flat communal area fire safety work, flat communal staircase window replacement and flat key system replacement will be reported as they proceed.



The St Benedicts Estate comprises 189 flats and houses built in the mid 1980s and the surrounding grounds between Church Lane and Rectory Lane in Tooting, London SW17. The Estate includes all properties in Abbey Drive, Carlisle Way and St Benedicts Close as well as a few properties in Church Lane and Rectory Lane.

The houses and a housing association block of flats are owned freehold, while the private flats are owned leasehold. The freehold of the private flats and of the grounds is owned by St Benedicts (Tooting) Management Company Limited (referred to as the Management Company), which is a non-profit-making limited company mutually owned by the Estate property owners (and nobody else). Being mutually owned, the Management Company also represents the owners' and residents' interests within its remit.

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Managing Agent & Contact

The Managing Agent currently appointed by the Management Company is Rendall and Rittner Limited, which provides the registered office of the Management Company. Rendall and Rittner is the main point of contact for all matters regarding St Benedicts.

Please ensure that the Managing Agent has up-to-date contact details for each owner. Both owners and tenants are asked to sign up to its Rendall and Rittner Online system to receive communications in emergencies. You are responsible for advising any contact changes. Preferably do this using St Benedicts Online but you can also contact the Managing Agent.

Preferably report faults on the Estate using St Benedicts Online but they can also be reported to the Managing Agent.


Location & Photographs

Links to the location of the Estate and photographs of the Estate.

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