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Managing Agent

Rendall and Rittner Limited
Portsoken House
155-157 Minories
London EC3N 1LJ
Mail may be delayed during the pandemic, please use other methods if possible

Telephone: 020 7702 0701

Emergency out of office hours: Hold on and when instructed press 0 to be connected, or you can dial directly on 020 3764 5587. This should only be used for emergencies requiring an immediate response.

Web site: (click to visit)

Email address: (click to send email)

Property Managers for St Benedicts

St Benedicts Online is the best way of contacting the Managing Agent and Directors for many matters.

Ms Angela Petts, Senior Property Manager (on leave from 6 July returning 20 July 2020, contact Yasmin)
Mobile telephone: 07800 628907 (available weekdays 9:00am to 5:30pm)
Direct telephone: Not available during pandemic020 7481 6980
Email address: (click to send email)

Ms Yasmin Spence, Assistant Property Manager (available Tue, Wed and Thu)
Direct telephone: Not available during pandemic
Email address: (click to send email)

Mr Raja Hussain has left Rendall and Rittner

If our property managers are not available, you should telephone the main number 020 7702 0701 and ask for Property Team 4 (this has changed).

The postal address is that for Rendall and Rittner Limited given above.

St Benedicts

Registered Office

St Benedicts (Tooting) Management Company Limited
c/o Rendall and Rittner Limited
Portsoken House
155-157 Minories
London EC3N 1LJ



The Directors can be contacted through the Managing Agent, which deals with all day-to-day matters and communication. The Directors need to focus on strategic matters and manging the Estate overall for the benefit of all owners and residents, so are not generally able to deal with individual matters.

If an issue arises where the Directors need to contact you, they will either telephone you on a UK landline or mobile number that you provide or meet you on the Estate (if something needs to be examined) at an agreed time arranged by the Managing Agent.

Current Directors

Mr Ravi Joshi (appointed 28 September 2007)

Mr Kevin Herrmann (appointed 13 June 2010 and elected 1 December 2010)

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Nextdoor (including Streetlife)

The neighbourhood social network Nextdoor took over Streetlife in February 2017. St Benedicts is in the Tooting Broadway community, so neighbours a few streets away are now in different communities. The site seems to contain more advertising and issues over a wider area since the takeover, with less local discussion, so now appears less useful. The site address is

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