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Recent years
2021-22 Budget (58kb) Accounts due 10/2022 AGM due 11/2022 Jun 2021 (165kb)
Sep 2021 (88kb)
Dec 2020 (61kb)
2020-21 Budget (63kb) Company (62kb, awaiting approval)
Service Charges (67kb)
AGM late 01/2022 Jul 2020 (151kb)
Sep 2020 (232kb)
Dec 2020 (99kb)
Mar 2021 (205kb)
2019-20 Budget (19kb) Company (41kb)
Service Charges (77kb)
AGM 19/11/2020
Notice (68kb)
Explanation (83kb)
Minutes (90kb, awaiting approval)
Jun 2019 (93kb)
Sep 2019 (64kb)
Dec 2019 (78kb)
Mar 2020 (89kb)
2018-19 Budget (16kb) Company (23kb)
Service Charges (30kb)
AGM 14/11/2019
Notice (9kb)
Minutes (55kb)
Jun 2018 (152kb)
Sep 2018 (115kb)
Dec 2018 (118kb)
Mar 2019 (94kb)
2017-18 Budget (21kb) Company (23kb)
Service Charges (30kb)
AGM 15/11/2018
Notice (70kb)
Minutes (32kb)
Jun 2017 (75kb)
Sep 2017 (126kb)
Dec 2017 (74kb)
Mar 2018 (111kb)
2016-17 Budget (20kb) Company (23kb)
Service Charges (30kb)
AGM 07/12/2017
Notice (9kb)
Minutes (23kb)
Jun 2016 (62kb)
Sep 2016 (82kb)
Dec 2016 (84kb)
Mar 2017 (101kb)
2015-16 Budget (18kb) Company (23kb)
Service Charges (33kb)
AGM 17/11/2016
Notice (9kb)
Minutes (28kb)
Jun 2015 (104kb)
Sep 2015 (106kb)
Dec 2015 (82kb)
Mar 2016 (165kb)
2014-15 Budget (18kb) Company (23kb)
Service Charges (33kb)
AGM 19/11/2015
Notice (9kb)
Minutes (28kb)
Jun 2014 (98kb)
Sep 2014 (102kb)
Dec 2014 (67kb)
Mar 2015 (97kb)
2013-14 Budget (14kb) Company (23kb)
Service Charges (31kb)
AGM 18/11/2014
Notice (9kb)
Minutes (33kb)
Jun 2013 (117kb)
Sep 2013 (90kb)
Dec 2013 (92kb)
Mar 2014 (82kb)
2012-13 Budget (18kb) Company (26kb)
Service Charges (33kb)
AGM 20/11/2013
Notice (11kb)
Minutes (31kb)
Jun 2012 (80kb)
Sep 2012 (77kb)
Dec 2012 (100kb)
Mar 2013 (77kb)
2011-12 Budget (17kb) Company (24kb)
Service Charges (32kb)
AGM 28/11/2012
Notice (10kb)
Minutes (31kb)
Jun 2011 (63kb)
Sep 2011 (150kb)
Dec 2011 (81kb)
Mar 2012 (170kb)
2010-11 Budget (6kb) Company (39kb)
Service Charges (40kb)
AGM 30/11/2011
Notice (11kb)
Minutes (30kb)
Jul 2010 (43kb)
Oct 2010 (41kb)
Jan 2011 (59kb)
Mar 2011 (48kb)
Previous accounts
2009-10 Budget (6kb) Accounts (48kb) AGM 01/12/2010 (37kb)
2008-09 Budget (scan, 31kb) Accounts (43kb) AGM 25/11/2009 (27kb)
Old accounts
2007-08 Accounts (scan, 236kb) AGM 24/06/2009 (scan, 78kb)
2006-07 Accounts (scan, 223kb) AGM 30/06/2008 (scan, 125kb)
2005-06 Accounts (scan, 218kb)
2004-05 Accounts (scan, 223kb)
2003-04 Accounts (scan, 221kb)
2002-03 Accounts (scan, 215kb)
2001-02 Accounts (scan, 203kb)
2000-01 Accounts (scan, 168kb)
1999-2000 Accounts (scan, 65kb)
1998-99 Accounts (scan, 156kb)
1997-98 Accounts (scan, 156kb)
1996-97 Accounts (scan, 140kb)
1995-96 Accounts (scan, 153kb)
1994-95 Accounts (scan, 161kb)
1993-94 Accounts (scan, 184kb)


At the Annual General Meeting on 1 December 2010, shareholders decided that the company would take advantage of the exemptions available to it as a small company and no longer have its accounts audited, to reduce costs. In addition, the accounting governing bodies decided that the treatment of service charges should be changed. For these reasons, accounts from financial year 2010-11 on are in a different format from those previously. To allow comparison of costs and reserves to budgets and between years, since the change the accountant produces a separate service charge statement as well as the company financial statement, as agreed by shareholders.

Old accounts, mostly prepared and filed by former directors, have been retrieved from the Companies House website to provide as complete record of the company's financal history as is readily available. They were prepared in a variety of formats, so are not always readily comparable with more recent accounts.

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