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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Official UK Government information Official UK National Health Service (NHS) information Official Wandsworth Council information with its community volunteering
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Keep safe

(Updated 29 April 2021) Please avoid unneccessary contact during the current South African variant outbreak in Lambeth and Wandsworth, for which we await an update. Please follow Government instructions, minimise social contact, keep 2 metres apart if possible, 1 metre apart with other precautions (like masks) if not, minimise travel and work from home if possible. You must use face coverings on public transport and in other enclosed spaces like shops and are advised to take and use hand sanitiser. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds as soon as you get home. Meetings of up to six people and two families are allowed outdoors not indoors. You must self isolate, get tested and not go out for 10 days if you have symptoms, if anyone in your household or 'bubble' has symptoms or NHS contact tracing instructs you to.

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(Updated 29 March 2021) Only households in flat blocks may use their block garden areas and all Estate residents may use open Estate areas. Permitted groups must keep 2 metres apart and 2 metres away from buildings where others reside. Residents living alone may 'bubble' with one other household (always the same one) without distancing. Visits outdoors up to six people and two families are allowed outdoors in Estate areas only, not indoors nor in block garden areas, where there is not enough room. Please consider whether meeting others is advisable during the current local South African variant outbreak.


Owner work on the Estate

(Updated 13 April 2021) With the local South African variant outbreak and recent variants strain of Covid-19 much more infectious than the original strain, unnecessary visits to flat blocks by tradespeople must be avoided for health and safety. Consequently, consent will only currently be granted for essential work and it will be subject to stringent additional conditions to protect other residents. Flat alterations and other work need to wait until it is safer to carry them out, currently likely to be after the current local outbreak is contained, perhaps from May 2021.

For work that is permitted, additional conditions will be set for:

  • Work to be lawful and comply with Government restrictions related to coronavirus Covid-19, and
  • Work to be carried out safely following Government guidelines, including maintaining social distancing from and giving way to other block residents including the flat opposite, not touching surfaces unnecessarily and use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

In view of the potential severity of consequences if people are put at risk, the Management Company would not be able to issue warnings if work caused a danger. It would need to instruct its solicitor to act immediately to bring the risk to an end. Under the terms of the property legal agreements, the property owner would be liable for the costs of this. If you carry out work, flat and house owners must ensure it is lawful, complies with current Government restrictions and maintains safety at all times. Flat owners also require consent in advance under their leases (house owners do not need consent).


Warning of scams

Please beware of scammers expoliting coronavirus outbreak to trick people! We have received a warning that scammers are targeting those who are self-isolating because they are vulnerable particularly. There are likely to be different scams, including people offering testing, offering to help if you have not arranged this, selling supposed cures or prevention methods, seeking access to your home (when you are in isolation) or requesting charity donations (if you wish to contribute, please contact a reputable charity like the National Emergencies Trust instead).

They may be in different forms, like callers at the door, delivered leaflets, emails and fake websites. If a scammer visits your home, please call the Police non-emergency number 101 to report this straightaway.


Community volunteering

(Updated 28 March 2020) Wandsworth Council has now also launched a more general comunity volunteering scheme. You can volunteer online on its website. Those needing its support should call 0208 871 6555 or contact them by email. It also offers advice on safety and wellbeing of vulnerable residents through its Voluntary Sector Coordination Service by email.

Some people and households on St Benedicts may need help with tasks such as shopping following Government guidance on coronavirus (Covid-19) that those over 70, pregnant women and those with underlying health conditions should distance themselves socially and whole households of anyone with symptoms must self-isolate. The Government has described this help as 'community volunteering'.

The managing agent, Rendall and Rittner, has published a list of volunteers from St Benedicts and contact details on its online system RRO. This is accessible only to those owning properties or living on the St Benedicts estate. This list cannot be published here on the estate website because that is public. Anyone who lives at St Benedicts who has not already signed up to RRO is encouraged to do so by emailing

Please would volunteers willing for their name and contact details to be published on RRO advise this using the Volunteering Form on St Benedicts Online. If If you cannot submit this form, you can email If she is unavailable, the alternative contact is You may wish to set up a temporary email address for this, with an online service like Microsoft Outlook or Googlemail, rather than publish your usual email address and should consider whether to make your phone number available. Thank you.

Anyone requiring help should log on to RRO, consult this list and contact a volunteer by email or phone (not in person) to see if they can help. For those unable to use online services, you may contact Rendall and Rittner by telephone in the usual way for contact details of a volunteer, but the response may take a few days depending on staff availability and workload.

All arrangements made using these contact details are the responsibility of those requesting help and those providing it. You are strongly advised to take suitable precautions such as keeping at least two metres apart when making deliveries and for the person requesting assistance to pay the shop directly rather than making payment to the volunteer. Neither the Management Company nor Rendall and Rittner can get involved in arrangements nor accept any responsibility for them nor for any consequences arising from them. This service is purely provided to assist those seeking help and volunteers to make contact under the Government suggestion for 'community volunteering'.


Flat block communal area cleaning

From 11th March 2020, the flat block communal area cleaning contractor is wiping all surfaces normally touched with diluted bleach to kill viruses.

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