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Wooden Window Decoration Survey

Notes on Wooden Window Decoration Survey

St Benedicts (Tooting) Management Company Limited is arranging periodic maintenance in small work packages by more local firms after large builders quoted excessive and unaffordable prices in 2020 and 2021 for larger-scale work. Two work packages are planned to redecorate and carry out any minor repairs to flat windows in 2022, one for those accessible from gound level that any painting contractor can carry out and the other for work at height by a contractor qualified to do this safely.

To obtain the best prices, it is necessary to specify exactly which windows require decoration. Some windows were replaced before the current Managing Agent was appointed and others may have been replaced without advising the Managing Agent, so there is not an accurate list. This survey is being carried out for owners of flats to register wooden windows for decoration. It is essential to register wooden windows, otherwise you will be responsible for their maintenance until decoration is next due around 2027. Under flat leases, both flat owners and the Management Company are responsible for window work. Flats already known to have replacement windows and houses cannot register.

If you cannot submit this form, correct any errors shown and try again. If no errors are shown and you cannot submit the form, this is likely to be because your browser or security sofware is preventing this. If you cannot resolve this, as an alternative you can email the Managing Agent, but only email if your flat has wooden windows.

Conditions of Work

  1. I certify that the flat still has wooden windows.
  2. I, my tenant or any letting agent will open the windows and give access on the days notified so the appointed contractor can decorate them.
  3. I agree that the Management Company, its Managing Agent and contractors may hold and use the data submitted.

Explanatory Notes

  1. The Management Company is only responsible for decorating original wooden windows externally. The owner is responsible for maintaining replaced windows.
  2. Windows must be opened to allow painting of their edges, otherwise they will be painted closed and may then be difficult to open. It may be necessary for contractors to carry out work from within the flat and, if access is not given, decoration may not be possible.
  3. This is necessary under the General Data Protection Regulation.


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By submitting this form, I certify that I am the property owner and
agree that the Management Company, its Managing Agent and contractors
may hold and use the data as set out in the privacy notice


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