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Fire Fire

Flat Fire Emergency Plan

Fire engine

Action on discovering a fire

  1. Call the Fire Brigade on 999.
  2. Evacuate the flat or common area on fire, closing all doors behind you.
  3. Alert neighbours on the same staircase if you can without risk.
  4. Only attempt to fight the fire if it is safe and you have been trained to do so.

Due to the design of the building, it is very unlikely that a fire starting in one flat will spread to another if doors are closed.

Fire exit

Evacuation procedure

  1. Leave the building by the nearest fire exit, which is the block front door.
  2. Close all doors behind you.
  3. Assemble a safe distance from the front of the building.
  4. Ensure the Fire Brigade has been called on 999 and, when they arrive, direct them to the fire. They may need the postcode below.

Advice to people not directly affected by the fire

If you are in your flat and there is a fire elsewhare, general advice is to stay in your flat, call the Fire Brigade and wait for them to put the fire out. However, if the fire causes danger to you, smoke starts to enter your flat, you feel evacuation is the safest option, or you are instructed to do so by the Fire Brigade, then you should evacuate as described.

If you are not in your flat but in a common area or on a staircase, then you should evacuate as described.

There is no audible fire alarm covering the common areas as mass evacuation is not envisaged. You are strongly advised to have a working smoke detector within your flat and check it regularly. Landlords must provide a smoke detector by law.


Do not

  1. Do not delay to collect belongings.
  2. Do not run.
  3. Do not re-enter the building until the Fire Brigade advises that it is safe to do so.


  • Abbey Drive: SW17 9PN
  • Carlisle Way: SW17 9NZ
  • Church Lane: SW17 9PW
  • Limetree Walk: SW17 9NY
  • Rectory Lane: SW17 9PX
  • St Benedicts Close - odd numbers: SW17 9NX
  • St Benedicts Close - even numbers: SW17 9NU

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