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The owners of freehold houses are responsible for maintaining them and insuring them. The land immediately in front of your house and your parking space are part of your freehold property. Exact details of this area are shown on the map attached to the deeds of your house. It is your responsibility to keep the land and the parking space tidy and to ensure that your plants and parked vehicles do not obstruct the footpaths on the Estate or neighbouring properties.

Responsibility for services is as follows:

  • adopted public roads and adopted street lights are the responsibility of Wandsworth Council (see the telephone directory or their web site for the correct telephone number for each service);
  • the situation on drains and sewers changed on 1 October 2011 and is explained in this Thames Water leaflet (PDF, 391kb);
  • water mains to the main stop cocks, electricity cables to the meters and telephone wires to the first sockets are the responsibility of the relevant utility;
  • water mains, electricity cables and telephone wires, from those points into individual properties, are the responsibility of the property owners.


The freehold agreement for your house includes a number of obligations, both on our part as the Management Company and on your part as the owner. Our responsibilities are listed on the management company page. This section summarises some of the obligations that you entered into when you bought your house. The obligations apply to tenants who occupy houses as well as to owner-occupiers, and owners are responsible for ensuring that their tenants comply with the conditions.

The freehold agreement, to which you should refer for full details, includes that:

  • you may only park vehicles (excluding boats, caravans and motor-homes which are not permitted) in the parking space which forms part of your property so as not to cause an obstruction (clauses 5(1) and 5(5)) and not in common areas or in other peoples' spaces without their permission, which would constitute a nuisance (clause 5(6) and 5(3));
  • you must not cause a nuisance or annoyance to other residents (clause 5(3)).
Legal Document

For reference, here is a sample of the original house freehold agreement (PDF, 73kb). You must not rely on this sample for any purpose and must refer to the specific legal agreement for your property. In particular, the 'estate proportion' will depend on the type of property.

Also for reference, here is copy of the original housing association freehold agreement (PDF 68kb). This refers to the block of flats 2 - 16 St Benedicts Close which, although flats, are freehold not leasehold. You must not rely on this copy for any purpose and must refer to the actual legal agreement for the property, which takes precedence over the samples and summaries on this website.

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