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Company Registration and Purpose

St Benedicts (Tooting) Management Company Limited (referred to in this web site as the Management Company) is a private company limited by shares. It is registered in England as company number 1912369. It has a Certificate of Incorporation (PDF scan, 33kb). As a limited company, it is subject to the various Companies Acts.

It is a mutual company owned by the Estate property owners (and nobody else) set up when the Estate was built. Its purpose is to manage the interests of those property owners. It owns the freehold of the Estate grounds and of the leasehold blocks of flats, while house owners own the freehold of their houses and the housing association owns the freehold of its block of flats. This purpose and some constraints on how it operates are set out it its Memorandum and Articles of Association (PDF, 66kb). The original Articles from 1985 were amended in 2020 to allow online electronic meetings. were amended at the 2019 AGm Being mutually owned, the Management Company also acts as the residents' association within its remit.


Company Year

The Management Company's financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June. Service charges are payable on the modern quarter days of 1 July, 1 October, 1 January and 1 April. The budget for the following year is normally distributed in June and, once the year has ended, the normal timing is for the accounts to be prepared in August and September, notice of the meeting and the accounts to be distributed in October for the Annual General Meeting in November.


Budget and Accounts

The current and previous budgets with reserve charge calculations and accounts are available on the Documents page.


General Meetings

Company Annual General Meetings are the way for property owners, who are shareholders in the Management Company, to express their opinions and influence how the Estate is run. Information about the last Annual General Meeting or, once it has been called, the next one can be found on the AGM page. A special resolution was passed at the 2020 AGM to allow online electronic meetings.

Minutes of General Meetings can be found on the Documents page.


Directors and Secretary

The Management Company Directors are property owners (and shareholders) who volunteer and are elected by shareholders. The Articles of Association (PDF, 66kb) provide that there must be between one and seven such Directors. By law the Management Company must also have a Secretary, and it is usual for this to be someone at the Managing Agent who undertakes company registration work.

In recent years, few people have been prepared to volunteer as Directors. This necessarily limits the work that the Directors can do on your behalf as they have work, family and other responsibilities and they to focus their available time on strategic matters and overall management of the Estate for the benefit of all owners and residents They are not generally able to deal with individual matters, which are delegated to the Managing Agent.

The current Directors would welcome more volunteer Directors prepared to serve in the interests of all owners and would be happy to explain the role in more detail to anyone interested if they contact the Managing Agent. It would be helpful if you advised your relevant skills and experience and the amount of time that you can offer. The work generally takes a few hours each week with only two or three Directors, although this would be less with more volunteers, and there is a monthly telephone conference call with the Managing Agent. An existing full Director could appoint you as an Alternate Director until the next Annual General Meeting. After issues with some Directors in the early years of the Management Company paying themselves and related companies and waiving their service charges, shareholders decided that the role would be unpaid and payment is only made for appropriate small expenses with supporting evidence incurred directly and wholly on the Management Company's behalf that are approved in advance or if specifically approved by shareholders at a General Meeting.


Managing Agent

The current Managing Agent, Rendall and Rittner Limited, was selected after a competitive tender starting in October 2006, which completed with ratification of the result by shareholders at a General Meeting in May 2007. After a handover period, Rendall and Rittner took over from the previous Managing Agent, HML Shaw, from the start of the financial year on 1 July 2007. It was felt necessary to carry out the tender because previous Directors of the Management Company had employed HML Shaw without agreeing a written contract, property owners were unhappy with their performance and, in the absence of a written contract, it proved difficult to hold HML Shaw to any level of performance.

For this reason, the tender was carried out formally against a documented specification of work. Relevant documents are listed below (although not the six tenders received or their evaluation, which are treated as commercial-in-confidence, and tender documents have been amended to remove personal contact details):

Contact details for the Managing Agent are on the contacts page.


General Data Protection Regulation Privacy Notice

This privacy notice is provided in accordance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation that came into effect under UK legislation on 25 May 2018. St Benedicts (Tooting) Management Company Limited is the data controller and can be contacted through its registered office and managing agent. It is not required to have a data protection officer. The Management Company and managing agent, which is a data controller and a data processor for the Management Company, both collect, hold and process data related to properties and property owners that is necessary to carry out the Management Company's functions under its Memorandum and Articles of Association and the property legal agreements with owners (flat leases and house freehold agreements). The legal basis for this is to fulfil these contracts (the property legal agreements), to meet legal obligations (such as company and health & safety law), to uphold the legitimate interests of the Management Company, property owners and residents on the Estate (such as rights under the property legal agreements) and, in some cases, consent may have been given.

Data is taken from the property legal agreements and provided by the data subjects or their representatives, such as solicitors and agents. The categories and uses of data cover the purposes provided in the property legal agreements, including but not limited to provision of services and maintenance, collection of charges, upholding and monitoring ongoing compliance with the terms of the property legal agreements and conditions of consents granted, registration of property ownership and Management Company shareholding, notification of General Meetings, provision of accounts and communication with property owners regarding the Estate. Data is not used for automatic decision-making, nor used for profiling, nor is special category data held. Data may be shared between the Management Company and managing agent and, when necessary, provided to professional advisers and, where directly relevant, other contractors (for example, to contact residents to carry out maintenance). These are all in the United Kingdom. Some data is required and transferred by law, for example, to HM Land Registry for property registration and to Companies House regarding share ownership. Some data is required to meet the obligations of the property legal agreements and failure to meet obligations under these contracts may result in legal action at the property owner's expense. Retention periods vary between types of data, based on whether it is still current and relevant.

Data subjects have rights provided by law including to be informed (which this privacy notice does), access within one month, rectification, to withdraw consent given previously and, in some cases, for erasure, to restrict processing and to object (governed by the legal basis for holding the data). Data subjects may also lodge a complaint with the UK supervisory authority, which is the Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF; telephone 0303 123 1113 (local rate) or 01625 545745 (national rate).

The Management Company has documented its privacy policy (PDF, 59kb) to meet its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation where further information may be found.


Services Provided

Services for All Properties

Through the Managing Agent and sub-contractors, the Management Company provides the following services for all properties:

  • maintaining and insuring Estate structures including the clock tower, portico, walls and fences;
  • maintaining private Estate facilities including roads, paths and surface water drains up to the junction with a shared sewer but only on Estate owned land, not within freehold house boundaries;
  • providing and maintaining private Estate street and security lighting;
  • maintaining Estate garden areas and trees, many of which are subject to preservation orders;
  • annual health and safety inspections and 5-yearly electrical testing of Estate facilities;
  • employing the Managing Agent and sub-contractors to provide services;
  • collecting service charges, managing the Estate finances and providing annual budgets and accounts;
  • building a reserve fund for periodic maintenance and decoration of Estate structures and facilities.

Services for Leasehold Flats Only

In addition, the Management Company provides the following services for leasehold flats only:

  • maintaining and insuring the structure, exterior, communal areas (hallways and stairs) and parking areas of leasehold flat blocks;
  • cleaning leasehold flat block communal areas;
  • providing and maintaining leasehold flat communal area lighting, door entry systems and communal television aerials;
  • maintaining leasehold flat sewers up to the junction with a shared sewer;
  • maintaining garden areas around leasehold flat blocks;
  • maintaining the Ryefield electrical distribution panel in each leasehold flat block and the wiring from there to the electricity meters;
  • annual health and safety inspections and 5-yearly testing of leasehold flat communal electrical installations;
  • building a reserve fund for periodic maintenance and decoration of the exterior and communal areas of leasehold flat blocks.

Matters for Which Not Responsible

We would ask you to note that the Management Company is not responsible for the following services, so the Managing Agent cannot assist with them, as they are the responsibility of other parties:

  • house owners are responsible for maintaining and insuring freehold houses and their gardens, parking spaces, drains and sewers up to the boundary or junction with a shared sewer;
  • flat owners are responsible for maintenance, routine repair and decoration of leasehold flats and maintaining associated individual facilities like letter boxes and dustbins;
  • property residents are responsible for insurance of contents;
  • Wandsworth Council is responsible for adopted public roads, paths, drains and street lights (telephone: 020 8871 6000, website: or refer to the telephone directory or its website for the correct telephone number for each service);
  • Thames Water is responsible since 1st October October 2010 for shared sewers and drains and those beyond the property boundary (telephone: 0800 316 9800, website:;
  • the relevant utility companies are responsible for water pipes to the main stop cocks, electricity cables to the flat blocks, electricity meters, and telephone wires to the first sockets (in the case of water, this is Thames Water, telephone: 0800 714 614, website as above);
  • property owners are responsible for water pipes, electricity cables and telephone wires from those points into individual properties.
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