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News - September 2019

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Rendall and Rittner will now send payment requests and correspondence electronically to all recipients for whom they have an email address.

Please add and to addresses not to block.

Raja Hussain has left and Yasmin Spence is now assisting Angela Petts as property manager.

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Flats TV survey

Over the last year or so, changes have been made to Freeview television transmitters that affect reception on the Estate. Some flats blocks are affected while others are not.

It is very important that flats report if they cannot receive all television channels by 30th September 2019. If needed, aerial systems will be upgraded by around December 2019. No further work will be carried out for several years, so missing channels will be unavailable for that time unless reported now.

Please make sure you have retuned your television (not just added new channels) and take the survey at

House owners need to upgrade their aerials if required, because these are their responsibility, so this survey does not apply to houses.

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Autumn work

  • Flat blocks are being surveyed to check wall repairs six years ago have not cracked again.
  • Flat block doors will be numbered more visibly as the Fire Brigade recommended.
  • More failed security lights will be replaced, using LED flood lights where possible.
  • Uneven paths and parking spaces will be repaired to reduce trip hazards.
  • Lime trees in Limetree Walk will be pruned clear of buildings and lights. At the Council tree officer's insistence, their bases will be raised instead of cutting higher branches.
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Work this year

Work arranged by the Directors and Managing Agent this year includes:

  • Replacing Estate street lights in Abbey Drive and St Benedicts Close with LED ones.
  • Replacing failed security lights and bulbs.
  • Removing dead wood from the protected oak trees along Rectory Lane.
  • Replacing the felled protected Indian bean tree with a new one beside Church Lane.
  • Chasing the Council to move the Limetree Walk road sign and complete replacement of its street lights it had missed with LED ones.
  • Several Estate fence repairs where broken.
  • Maintenance to Estate metal security gates.
  • Erecting two new security cameras as requested at the 2018 AGM.
  • Sewer lining at 17-27 Carlisle Way.
  • Major repairs to sewers near 21-26 Abbey Drive by Thames Water and Unbloc, the latter partly paid for by the Estate insurance.
  • Two roof repairs and one porch repair to block 1-71 St Benedicts Close where water was getting in.
  • Putting updated fire notices as the Fire Brigade recommended on each floor in flat blocks and updating notices by entrances.
  • Replacing failed flat block fire door closers.
  • Replacing glass in flat block doors cracked by blowing in the wind when residents failed to close them properly behind them.
  • Adjusting flat block door closers as needed and latches after Entryphone replacement.
  • Repairing landlord lighting faults in three flat blocks and replacing failed strip lights.

Annual meeting

As usual, we are looking to hold the St Benedicts Annual General Meeting locally in mid to late November. When the date is set, this will be shown on the website and formal notices will be sent to all shareholders (property owners).

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