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News - December 2021

General meeting

The Annual General Meeting will probably be held late in January 2022, as accounts were delayed by several weeks by access issues with Rendall and Rittner's accounting system. It will be held online again under provisions approved last year to reduce Coronavirus risk.

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Periodic work

Previous Newsletters reported that tenders in 2020 and 2021 by large firms for major work were unaffordable. Work was therefore split into small work packages that smaller local firms can carry out at significantly lower cost. The AGM will discuss this but work is meanwhile proceeding.

Work to re-decorate flat porches inside and out, check and repair gutters and repair roofs was completed in summer and autumn 2021. Re-decoration of flat block communal areas, limited to damaged areas to keep costs to a minimum, is underway in autumn 2021.

Fire safety work in flat block communal areas will take place in winter 2021-22. Tenders for flat oriel (projecting features), flat windows and Estate cupola re-decoration are needed early in 2022 for work later in the year (see survey).

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Electricity costs

Electricity costs have risen enormously recently. Rendall and Rittner's utilities team advised that costs will rise by 85% (market prices quadrupled, rising by over 300%). Annual costs like insurance and electricity must be recovered that year so this will impact service charges from July 2022.

The Directors hope the impact on charges can be limited by reduced major work costs. If the pilot communal electrical upgrade is successful this winter, work in other blocks will be brought forward if electricity saved outweighs the cost.

Snow and ice

If snow falls or is forecast or it is icy, grit / salt will be put in St Benedicts Close (by the bin), Abbey Drive and Limetree Walk for residents to use.

Parking permits

Parking permits are valid to February 2023 so please retain these and tenants must pass them on with keys when they leave the property.

Flat windows survey

It is vital that owners of flats with wooden windows respond promptly to this survey, otherwise they will either not be re-decorated or you will have to pay the costs involved.

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Previous quoted re-decoration costs included many flat windows that were replaced before the current managing agent's and Directors' records. To obtain the most economical price for flat windows re-decoration, we need to list those that are wooden and actually require re-decoration.

Flat owners with wooden windows must register these in the survey underway at as soon as possible. If you do not, they cannot be included in the 2022 fixed price work. If you later wish them to be re-decorated before 2026, you will need to pay the costs for the work and access, which are likely to be considerable.

Holiday waste collection

Wandsworth Council waste collections are expected as usual on Mondays 27th December and 3rd January. Christmas trees must be put out for collection for shredding by 10th January, when collection is expected, not any later.

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Tree work

A tree fell into Rectory Lane in autumn gales. For safety, small trees, especially of the type that fell, will be cut back more in planned work in 2022.

Work is updated monthly on the Estate website at

Season's greetings

The Directors and Managing Agent wish all owners and residents a happy, peaceful and healthy Christmas and New Year.

Previous News

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